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Banhji CEO Chankiriroth Sim Shares Company’s Journey at Singapore FinTech Festival 2023

Pioneering Cambodian FinTech Startup Inspires with Remarkable Growth and Impact


Banhji CEO Chankiriroth Sim took to the stage at the prestigious Singapore FinTech Festival 2023 to deliver a captivating talk about the company’s remarkable journey over the past seven years. As the first Cambodian fintech startup to grace the Founder Peak stage, Chankiriroth’s address resonated with attendees, highlighting the company’s unwavering commitment to financial inclusion and its transformative impact on Cambodia’s financial landscape.


Chankiriroth’s talk chronicled BanhJi’s evolution from a fledgling startup to a leading fintech provider in Cambodia. He shared the company’s unwavering focus on empowering Cambodian businesses and individuals with access to financial services, a mission that has driven BanhJi’s growth and innovation.


“Standing before this esteemed audience today, I am filled with immense pride as I reflect on BanhJi’s remarkable journey over the past seven years,” remarked Chankiriroth. “From our humble beginnings as a small team with a big vision, we have grown into a leading fintech provider, empowering Cambodian businesses and individuals to achieve financial inclusion and prosperity.”


Chankiriroth’s address concluded with a powerful message of hope and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators. He emphasized the importance of unwavering passion, resilience, and commitment to making a positive impact, urging the audience to pursue their dreams and contribute to the advancement of fintech worldwide.

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# Powering Financial Decision & Inclusion
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