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“Cambodia First Fintech Company, the Story of BanhJi”

A discussion between Phnom Penh Post Special Report Editor, Mr. Moeun Nhean and BanhJi CEO, Mr. Sim Chankiriroth over the story of BanhJi. This discussion is about understanding the Roles of FinTech in Cambodia, its challenges and BanhJi vision.

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Mr. Moeun Nhean

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Sim Chankiriroth, the CEO and Founder of BanhJi.


BanhJi, Cambodia’s first fintech company, aims to serve micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) by providing solutions that enhance their financial performance. This includes helping them stay compliant with finance regulations by providing accounting and tax services, improving their decision-making through performance insights, and providing access to cash and financing that improves their cash flow.

Fintech, a growing intersection between finance and technology, is where BanhJi operates. BanhJi focuses on two of fintech’s verticals, which are credit digitization based on alternative data points and billings aggregation. The company has over 900 MSMEs in Cambodia and Lao PDR using its free online accounting software.

In addition to MSMEs, BanhJi is partnering with microfinance institutions (MFIs), banks, or alternative financing startups. The company’s services will be further expanded to NGOs in the near term. In 2018, the company’s main goal is to enable MSMEs’s invoice payments, launch targeted industry-specific applications, and strengthen collaboration with financial institutions. With fintech seeing significant growth, BanhJi predicts a positive impact on the Cambodian economy.

Ultimately, fintech is joining Cambodia’s financial services development, not disrupting it.

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# Powering Financial Decision & Inclusion
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